Charity - Christmas Dance Class

I will be holding a Christmas Charity Dance Class on

Friday the 21st December at Hawley Leisure Centre at 11.15 AM

For Everyone.

Simple moves, loads of fun, festive music and for a very good cause.

You can donate what you feel towards the class and the money raised will go to

Prostate Cancer Research Centre


For information and bookings Call Di 07766741805 or email



 If you want to get fit fast, lose those unwanted pounds and have more fun than you can believe doing it, 'Strictly Come Dancing' dance stars Natalie Lowe and Ian Waite have teamed up to produce a unique dance and fitness programme - 'FitSteps'. They have combined the most popular Latin and Ballroom dances and a heap of fun thrown in! Even if you can't dance, all you need to do is just come along

Monday      6.15 – 7.00pm FitSteps    Venue: Bracknell – Bracknell Leisure Centre               (Booking BLC)

Tuesday 1.45 - 2.30pm FitSteps (beg)          Venue: Hawley Leisure Centre                             (Book Di £5 pay as you go)

Thursday   10.00 - 10.45am FitSteps         Venue: Windlesham - Chertsey Road Hall        (Book Di £5 pay s you go)

Friday        11.15 – 12.00am FitSteps           Venue: Hawley - Hawley Leisure Centre           (Book Di £5 pay as you go)

All these classes start 5min before stated time to learn choreography


(Classes are  £5 per lesson - booked over a half term or full term fixture)

These classes are a mixture of different dance styles i.e. Latin, ballroom, soft shoe, disco, jazz etc.  

All classes are designed to improve fitness, flexibility, mental stimulation, and gain a basic knowledge of different dance styles through the enjoyment of dance.

Monday  11 – 11.55am Strictly Dance Class              Venue: Fleet - Elvethan Community Centre            (Course Booking - Di)

Tuesday   2.30  – 3.25pm Strictly Dance                     Venue: Hawley Memorial Hall                                (Course Booking - Di)

 Wednesday 11.45 – 12.40 Strictly Dance                   Venue: Hawley Leisure Centre                              (Course Booking - Di)

Wednesday 12.45 – 1.40pm Strictly Dance                Venue: Hawley Leisure Centre                            (Course Booking - Di)

                                                    Friday 1 – 1.55pm Strictly Dance                         Venue: SHP Bracknell                             (Book South Hill Park - pay as you go / course booking  

                                    Friday 1.55 - 2.55pm Strictly Dance                     Venue: SHP Bracknell              (Book South Hill Park - pay as you go / course booking 

 OVER 50’s SEATED/STANDING REHAB DANCESIZE CLASS  (Classes £5 per lesson - booked over a half term fixture)

The Class offers seated/standing exercises and gentle movement to your favorite music. This is a strength building class, helping with stretching, flexibility and balance all done as a seated /standing dancercise class and is a whole lot of fun.  This Class is for you: If you are recovering from illness or an operation.  If you are wanting to start up classes after a long break of not doing any form of exercise.  If you feel you are no longer coping with the basic dance/exercise class. If you have injuries and are struggling to use certain parts of your body

Wednesday  - 11.00 - 11.45am                  Venue : Hawley Leisure Centre                                                                  (Course Booking - Di)


These take part in care homes and community centers in Ascot, Sunninghill (Tues /Thurs) Private


 These classes are a combination of classical Ballet and Contemporary dance, teaching and using technique to develop this beautiful dance style.

                                                                 Thursday 2.20 - 3.20pm         Venue: Bracknell - South Hill Park    (booking SHP)                                    

Tuesday 5.30 - 7pm   Ballet Classes -              Venue:  G & L Gymnastics Club (Tuesday) Private 

DANCE  - BEGINNERS TAP CLASS   (Classes £5 per lesson - booked over a half term fixture)

For all of those who would like to learn how to tap or have done a little tap dancing in the past. This is a fun tap class to great music.

Wednesday   –1.45pm –  2.45pm                  Venue: Hawley - Hawley Leisure Centre                                     


Not too fast or too frantic just Fantastic, a lots of fun for everyone with great music

Monday     1.45 – 2.30pm                                   Venue: Bracknell - Bracknell Leisure Centre – 50+                                      (Booking  BLC, drop in)

Monday     2.30 – 3.15pm                                   Venue: Bracknell - Bracknell Leisure Centre - 50+                                       (Booking  BLC, drop in)

Monday     7.05 - 8pm                                         Venue: Bracknell – Bracknell Leisure Centre                                                (Booking  BLC, drop in) 

             KEEP FIT CLASS 50+

A great way to stay active with your favorite tunes! 

  Tuesday 12.30 - 1.15pm             Venue: Yateley - St Swithun's Catholic Church Hall - Firgrove Rd, GU46 6NH         (Book Di £5 pay as you go)

                Wednesday 9.30 - 10.15am                 Venue: Bracknell - Bracknell Leisure Center     (Everyone Active)                                     ( Booking BLC)                                 











































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